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This project is a mashup of personal reflection, Regional decorative art, western sport and counter-culture. It involves designing locally inspired graphics for skateboards. It juxtaposes two different value system and is showcased as both a commentary and a celebration.
value system in terms of how culture present women rebellious acts as a form of women right in the west, while it is hidden within disguise in the Arab world.
“Like a Boss” is a visual representation on a skateboard, of a woman in a man’s traditional clothes. Trying to get into the world of men without being publicly exposed as a female.
Originally it is a disguise men tend to wear as a mask to secretly pursue extreme and forbidden or illegally activities. Yet, women started wearing it recently as a way of being rebellious unidentified. This project is aimed to the community that revolves around the alpha males. It’s an expressive design, that is aimed to inform that women can take the place of a man. In all means, the fact that a woman can replace a man in any sort of job to show to the male supporting communities the female powers.

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