Graphic Design has the influence of being diverse in every project, it’s not repetitive and constantly demands to expand your own culture of thoughts, views and study ideas in a creative manner. Because of that, it can be listed under the interdisciplinary of visual communication as it is present nearly everywhere: on printed material, web, advertising, or branding and visual identity. I received my Graphic Design Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Art and Design in Doha, Qatar. I am interested in creating work that holds a message. For example, I designed a game app that helps children overcome their fears of having imaginary friends. The message that I wanted to convey is that a kid with an imaginary friend is beneficial to the child’s life mentally and socially. I perceive design as a method of articulating solutions for social and global problems visually.
My designs are a stimulus from different illustration styles, basic colors, lines, typography, photography, and technology. I tend to keep my work simple in terms of color, yet I try to be innovative and unique in choosing the medium of work. Combining the analog and the digital is one of my ways of working. As a designer, I don’t get inspired easily, and not everything gets my attention. I tend to lean toward thinking about a project concept first, then look at some inspirations either around me or through online research. I’m driven by my passion in design, to discover what the world has of new ideas and mediums. Being part of this modern world means that a designer will hold the responsibility in being innovative to attain attention.